see what Julanta says...

     Aaron has helped me with my inner conflict, fears and self-doubt that I had and sometimes still have. He has helped me to see the bigger picture and increased my self-esteem. For the last six months that I have worked with him, he has been my support system outside my normal network. I feel that I gained the invaluable experience whilst working with him and I am grateful for having him as my life coach.
He is a very professional, knowledgable and great communicator. I have never felt I was judged or looked down.
I can't recommend him enough as a life coach and as a professional in his field.

see what john D says...

 Aron's coaching has helped me to see where I need to go in life, and has given me tools to help me to get there. He is highly intelligent and an expert communicator and I would recommend him to anyone.

Najam Q says...

Aron is a great guy, positive, curious and passionate to help you for your best. His approach is to help you in getting a clear and definite picture and steps for your goals. I am grateful to have 4 sessions with him where we were able to identify my goals and concrete steps in accomplishing them. I highly recommend him and I would definitely seek his services again.


I've been feeling stuck in my life, unable to determine what direction I want to take, where my life is heading and what exactly I wanted it to look or feel like.

Cari R says...

After my first session with Aron I found myself feeling inspired, motivated and edified. Most importantly, he assisted me in being able to connect with my vision and purpose in such an organized way so that I could create a plan, and set small goals and work to achieve that plan. Now I have a greater sense of direction. And feel more solid having come to the realization on how vital it is to have banded my ideas into a vision for my life.
He asked honest questions to provoke me to think deeper, he encouraged me to address the root causes of my avoidance in the areas I was avoiding taking action in. He was very strong in recognizing the subconscious thoughts and belief systems in pace in order to provoke right discussion. I was then able to take action and grow through my block.
His education and experience were so well grounded within him that he was also able to coach me through an unexpected emotional detour. His coaching helped me to stay in alignment with my truth.
He was supportive and positive, he created an atmosphere between us of safety and trust. I was able to be very open and vulnerable with him without any judgement which was important for me. Because of this I was able to get the most out of our sessions as he encouraged my sense of trust and I was able to be completely honest.
He was a driving force when I felt disconnected from my own force. He was able to guide me towards remembering my value, that which is my own light, the qualities that are my highest and true self. Then, I remembered how much I truly deserve to experience in my lifetime and just much I want to get back to creating that.

I wanted to find a new direction with my career, and did the full immersion day with Aron.

I found the immersion experience helpful from several perspectives. First, leaving the daily routine behind and taking the train to go and meet Aron, was like a mini-retreat. I felt free from the usual daily distractions and could focus better.

The day was structured well, Aron asked meaningful questions and dived into some areas that I found challenging and learned a lot in the process. We spent the second part of the day in a nearby park, in amazing natural settings, which was quite inspirational.

For me the most valuable aspect of the day was that it was a complete journey from initial assessment, to exploring options and creating an action plan. I think it would have taken multiple coaching sessions, over a much longer period of time to achieve the same results that we did in 1 day, and I walked away with a good sense of direction.

says Aria A