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Power of Gratitude

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

We all experience ups and downs in life. We all hit roadblocks here and there. This is how we learn, grow and develop. Sometimes we perceive these challenges as tragedy or being unfair, and we tend to dwell on these negative thoughts, constantly harbouring negative emotions on the way to ruining your health.

Gratitude seems to be one of the most powerful ways to shift perspective. When you are experiencing a difficulty in your life, being grateful for the things you have or have received in your life, or for the learning you get out of this experience can quickly put you in an elevated state of mind. In that state our current problem may no longer seem like a tragedy. It will put your experience in perspective for you. You will be in a more positive frame of mind, becoming more creative and more resourceful, so as a result you will be able to find solutions more quickly.

Using gratitude for manifesting a desired future experience is also helpful. Say you have a goal in mind about your health and you visualize being healed, being healthy again with a heartfelt emotion of gratitude. You say thank you before it is made manifest. As you nurture this elevated feeling on a daily basis, you become more optimistic, you vibration will increase, and your immune system will be mobilized very quickly.

Gratitude is something you need to maintain. If you do it every day it becomes automatic and it becomes a part of your being.

We have so many challenges in our lives. We can have relationship challenges, an unfulfilled job, health issues, etc. When we approach life from an attitude of gratitude, we can overcome these challenges much more easily. Rhonda Byrne, the author of the book ‘Secret’ says : Gratitude is a vaccine, antitoxin and antiseptic. It’s the best health insurance!! In order to make it as a habit, ask yourself every morning: What am I grateful in life? At night, before going to bed ask yourself: What’s the best thing that happened to me today? And say ‘thank you’.

When you are giving gratitude it is impossible to harbour and feel negative emotions. You have to feel it, though. You need to take a moment and really feel it. It enables you to have greater love, compassion and understanding. It will bring more goodness into your life. They say, whoever has gratitude for something will be given more.

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