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New Year, New Beginnings

Stepping into a new year can be very exciting. It can be a wonderful opportunity for our new transformation. If you have a goal you haven’t accomplished yet, want to change something major in your life, or want to take control and restore your health, the New Year is a good time to make that decision.

I believe it’s something to do with closing our past and start again with a clean slate, given the start of a brand new year. If you are to do that, I encourage you to do some preliminary work either alone or with a coach.

Why is that? So many of us make a decision to change but tend to give up after a short period of time. The reasons are lack of motivation, lack of persistence, fears, self-limiting beliefs, and lack of compelling reasons to change. We need to explore the Whys! You need to have strong reasons why you want to change your life. List all of them and ask yourself what that specific result of the change will do for you. These questions will give you clarity for your future and put you in an elevated emotional state. If you embrace this future change with positive emotions, like gratitude or excitement, you will condition your mind and body to make that future a reality. As you’re in the process of adopting new beliefs, changing habits, etc, and you hit a roadblock, you can quickly re-connect to your compelling whys and emotions to get back on track.

A new year can be a symbol of a new flower in your garden. You can plant the seed in the beginning of a new year, nurture it throughout the year by giving it water and sunlight, and watch it grow into a beautiful flower. Remember, it’s not about the result, it’s about the journey. It is about the process of nurturing because that’s when the flower is growing and that’s when you are developing. It is about who you become by the end of this journey. It’s about the skills, abilities, knowledge and experiences you’ll have gained. Keeping this mind is crucial when facing obstacles along the way.

Change is not comfortable and certainly not convenient. Our brain does not like to change so we need to get out of our comfort zones for maximum growth. That being said, any kind of change in our habitual ways of thinking, feeling or doing will require two things: knowledge and significant amount of effort. Repetition is the key. The more practice the quicker you carve out a brand new road for you to travel on. For this reason, getting an accountability partner is a great idea. That way your progress is tracked, increasing your efforts and building tremendous momentum

Whatever your goal is I want to give you a great kick start by inviting you to change your perception on failure. This is usually the number one reason why people get sucked back into their old habits after trying to change for a short period of time. In NLP we say ‘there is no failure only feedback’ .This is a very powerful presupposition. You have the freedom of choice as to how you represent failure to yourself. It’s subjective. You can make it all up. My favourite one is: failure is an opportunity to grow. This way I welcome all the challenges as they simply mean I’m going to learn something valuable and get a bit closer to my goal. Do yourself a favour and create a new empowering interpretation of failure and you will become unstoppable.

I like to think that 2020 is a magical number. It looks really unique and powerful. Since whatever we focus on expands I believe that we can either spiral down into a deeper hole giving attention to the wrong things, or elevate ourselves into the highs of abundance, kindness, love and success focusing on our deepest desires .

. We need to recognize that it is what we think about on a daily basis matters. We have around 60,000 thoughts a day. Where is your attention going in any given moment? Are you ruminating over past hurts, dwelling on your weaknesses and problems or you are busy doing the work necessary to re frame all unresourceful memories, conditioning your mind and body for your future reality and take continuous actions towards your vision.

I’m going to give away one of the secret tools to shift your attention when catching yourself dwelling on negative emotions. You want to ask empowering questions to redirect your focus. Whatever you ask yourself your brain will try its utmost to find the answers. ‘’ What did I learn from this? How can I use this knowledge in the future? What am I grateful for about the situation? What is the best solution? How could I help someone with a similar situation? ’’ Whatever you look for you find. These questions will redirect your thoughts and put you in a creative state of mind.

Let’s empower ourselves for the New Year with some affirmations. ‘’2020 is going to be abundant. I am going to be productive and diligent. The New Year will bring more passion, more energy and more love. I’m thrilled about 2020! I’m excited about pursuing my goals and dreams in the New Year! I’m grateful that I can improve and develop tremendously in 2020. The number represents power, alignment and fulfilment. ‘’ These are just sentences I have come up with for conditioning my mind. Have fun coming up with even more empowering words that carry elevated emotions.

As a final note I would like to empower you to reach for the stars and go for the impossible. If you are having serious health issues, I encourage you to make a decision to start transforming your life, starting with your mind. We all have more potential than what we are living from. It’s never too late to change our mindset, change our habits, develop a vital and strong body, and nurture our soul to become the best version of ourselves.

I wish you health and success in designing the future you desire.

Happy New Year!

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