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How to stay empowered during challenging uncertain times:

We are all experiencing difficult times right now with the corona virus going around. People are getting laid off, loved ones are getting sick, and most countries are on lockdown, so there is a lot of fear, anxiety and uncertainty in the air.

I want to share with you some really awesome tools or resources you can use to get through the difficult times and, most importantly, coming out of it empowered, stronger and wiser than before.

It’s important to note that we are all individually wired human beings. What works for me may not work for you. Or one of your greatest anchors may not work for someone else. What we can do is we can experiment and find out what works for us.

Let’s start with the inner resources: These are the tools no one can take away from you. When you use these tools regularly, you create more certainty and confidence in yourself. You become deeply rooted so that the external changes ‘storms’ will have a very tough time knocking you down.

1. Gratitude: Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to stay strong and gain perspective. When you practice gratitude, you are cultivating positive emotions. Fear can’t exist in that state. Your perspective changes on a current problem or challenging situation when you are being grateful for the things you have, have received or are currently receiving in your life. You can be grateful for your relationships, knowledge, experiences, health, material things, etc. There is always something to be grateful for. Practice it daily so it becomes a habit of yours to live your life with an attitude of gratitude.

2. Create or fine-tune your current routine. When you have a nicely structured routine going, everything feels more certain and anchored in life. As an example, throw in a stretching routine in the mornings. Set yourself to read before going to bed to allow your brain to unwind. Come up with a new supporting habit and work on it until it becomes a part of your routine. It may take a month or two so be patient.

3. Exercise: I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your body vital and strong. Not only does it help improve your immune system and make you feel more confident but it also produces chemicals in the brain that balance out stressful states. You are giving your emotional brain a little break and your thinking will be clearer, more resourceful, more creative and, last but not least, more optimistic.

4. Now state: A lot of people are either living in the past, dwelling on what went wrong, or are worried about the future. We all do that by the way to a certain degree. The question is how you minimize it and stay in control. Being mindful, being in the present moment is really helpful in calming your brain. I’m not talking about hours of meditation. I’m talking about tuning into an activity, a hobby or going out in nature and tuning into your environment. Walk around and notice the beauty of nature. The landscape always changes even if you go to the same park or woods every single time. Tune into the beautiful colours, magnificent trees, the sounds you can hear out there, and even the feel of the wind on your skin. Try it for an hour or two. It will do wonders.

5. Reconnect with your passion: If you are just browsing the internet, checking out random videos and flipping Facebook, you will feel inadequate. The reason being is that you are getting nothing done, no learning, progress or growth. It feels like you’ve been wasting your time. When you are looking for something specific online in regards to your passion (which is enjoyable), you are focusing on something and learning new information. At the end of the day you have gained knowledge. It feels different. If you like motorcycles like myself, read up on history, or mechanics, or any related topics that interest you. Whatever you are interested in there is always new information out there, new people to connect with, a new group to join.

6. Connecting: This is very powerful. Alone we can never be our strongest self. We, as human beings thrive on interaction, sharing ideas and stories. Join a group talk where like minded people share their wisdom and experiences. It will brighten your day. It will open up your mind to different possibilities and different views. We always feel stronger as a collective spirit. Also, reach out to family members and friends more regularly. Call up friends you have not spoken to for ages.

7. Keep productive: Besides working on your goals here and there, there is always something to do in or around a house. Something you can fix, clean or improve. It’s a great simple way to get that sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. Get your creativity going. You may find that you want rearrange furniture or paint the walls. When you start thinking about improvements there is always a bunch of great ideas come up.

8. Offer your help and support: Reach out to people who might need support. There are a lot of people who need it now. When you do that you create an internal shift. It’s no longer about you. It’s about making an impact on someone’s life. Even if you are a listening ear, your kindness and servitude can go a long way. As a result, not only do you help someone during their struggles but you also become a more empowered human being.

9. Retain your curiosity: Be curious about what’s happening around you right now. Be curious about what the future holds and the changes you may experience. When you do that you are entertaining an optimistic idea in your mind. You wonder how things will turn out just find or actually in your favour. You get excited about the things you will learn and how we can all improve our lives. The train of thought stems from curiosity. You open up your channels to receive empowering outcomes.

10. Have some fun: We have got to have some fun sometimes. We can’t sweat the small stuff all the time. Do something goofy or silly that is out of the ordinary. It creates some space to flow your energy and be on a high vibrational frequency. I recently did a few challenges with some friends and we recorded ourselves. We had great laughs.

I hope some of these tools will be helpful for you during these times.

You stay safe and stay empowered.

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